GCSE reform - Magnus Bashaarat in The Times

Bedales Senior

Image removed.Head of Bedales Magnus Bashaarat has offered his support for a proposal to replace “narrow and inadequate” GCSEs with a broader alternative.

Chairman of the Education Select Committee Rob Halfon made headlines on 11 February when he called for GCSEs to be replaced with a baccalaureate that would include a mix of academic and vocational subjects.

In a letter published in The Times on 13 February, Magnus argued that vocational education is undervalued – and Mr Halfon’s proposals, which aim to provide pupils with a diverse, ‘well-rounded’ education, “make sense”.

Pointing to the Government’s treatment of the ill-fated Tomlinson Report – which in 2004 recommended replacing GCSEs and A Levels with a diploma covering both academic and vocational pathways – Magnus said that Mr Halfon’s proposals “deserved a better fate”.

Read Magnus’ letter in full here (subscription may be required).

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