The Harmony Project - evolving and growing the Dunannie curriculum

Bedales Pre-Prep, Dunannie

In a recent blog, Bedales Nursery & Pre-prep, Dunannie Head Fiona Read discusses the school’s incorporation of the Harmony Project into its framework for learning, and argues for the importance of exploring our relationship with nature and the consequences for the environment of the choices we make. 

Today’s children inherit a world in which the pressures we place upon it mean it is more likely to bite us back, and so will need to find creative solutions to the global challenges they will face in the future. At least in part, that is why Dunannie has adopted the Harmony Project. Inspired by the vision of HRH The Prince of Wales and designed to help schools develop a curriculum inspired by nature, the project explores how applying principles of nature – such as interdependence and adaptation – can guide us in the ways we live both individually and collectively.  

Fiona Read explains: “We are not doing this from a standing start. The Bedales ethos as established by founder John Badley – ‘Head, Hand and Heart’ – prescribes an education for the whole person, combining the academic, the practical and the social. Accordingly, we already take every opportunity to get children learning outside, which they love, with most, if not all, subjects benefitting from the connection.” 

She concludes: “In practice, The Harmony Project brings additional focus to many of the things that we already do and love, and will see us do more. Ours is a broad and flexible curriculum and, shaped by the interests and responses of our children, it will evolve and grow in true Bedales tradition – learning with a cloak of fun.” 

The full article can be read here

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