'Hothousing and over testing'

Posted on 16th April 2015

Relentless stress, fear of failure and endless testing; it's time we took a stronger view of what we are doing to our children in the name of competitiveness, writes Jane Grubb, Head of Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst. 

The Telegraph, 14 April 2015.

With the publication of party political election manifestos now under way, I find myself hoping that policymakers find the courage to move away from the current direction of educational travel – one that I believe does children no favours, and that does not even succeed on its own terms.

Recent UK educational reforms have seen a narrowing of the national curriculum, a renewed focus on end-of-course examination at the expense of ongoing, in-course assessment, and an obsession with those subjects deemed important for accessing elite higher education institutions and supporting the UK’s economic competitiveness. Read full article.