"Journey of discovery"- Keith Budge

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In an article for New Forest Living magazine, Keith Budge discusses the Bedales approach to schooling, and the importance of time and space to students in shaping their educational journeys.

Bedales seeks to prepare its students for life beyond school – whatever that may mean for them. Work and career are of course very important considerations, but the school is equally committed to the development of confident individuals who are encouraged in the discovery and nurturing of their passions and mindful of the need to balance their own interests with those of others. According to Keith, a key factor in this is time. Whereas the typical maintained school day is seven hours long and mainly limited to the academic curriculum, the independent sector day is typically around two hours longer, also with Saturday morning school and sports matches on Saturday afternoons – overall, around an additional 40%. The difference is even greater for boarders.

Keith explains: “It is this additional time that allows extra space to enhance learning – to talk, to explore and to reflect; encouraging a connection with nature in this way was central to the mission of Bedales founder John Badley to educate the whole person – ‘head, hand and heart’. For the pre-prep student at Dunannie, to the prep school pupil starting out with boarding, and the senior student poring over university options alike, the Bedales educational ethos and approach is the same.”

The full article can be read here.

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