Multi-dimensional learning

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Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst, features in an article on learning outdoors in Angels & Urchins Summer 2018 magazine.

The article explores the Forest School concept, which involves taking children out into the natural environment in order to nurture their development and creativity. Bedales is one of the schools featured that makes imaginative use of the outdoors in early years education.

The article discusses how Outdoor Work at Dunhurst embraces the spirit and ideals set out by the school’s founder, John Badley, and his vision of using ‘Head, Hand and Heart’ to develop the whole child. It explains that all pupils have a double Outdoor Work lesson per week with activities and projects largely guided by the changing seasons. These range from the maintenance of Dunhurst’s land (for example, coppicing, woodcutting or tending to the chickens) to building (bridge construction or fence building) and rudimentary farming.

The feature observes that Outdoor Work at Dunhurst is truly multi-dimensional learning and a superb foundation based on practical experience that sets pupils up for the programme in the senior school where many opt to take an Outdoor Work BAC (Bedales Assessed Course).

Click here to read the full article (PDF), published with kind permission of Angels & Urchins magazine.

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