Music for Youth, 2017

Bedales Senior, Bedales Pre-Prep, Dunannie, Bedales Prep, Dunhurst

All three Bedales schools entered the Music for Youth competition 2017 with an exciting combination of Mozart, Jaco Pastorious, jazz and poetry by Edward Thomas.

Music for Youth is the world’s largest youth music festival, taking place in 50 locations nationwide with more than 40,000 young musicians involved.

Director of Music for Dunhurst and Dunannie, Ben Harlan said: "The age range of the 40 strong group from Bedales Schools was 7 to 18 and the students all worked very hard to produce exciting new work for the competition, full of interesting musical colours from tabla playing to fusion electric bass and cello combo."

The feedback from the judges was fantastic:

“How great to hear a proper, multi-layered, multi-genre piece with real commitment to composition and performance from everybody involved! Little to say: the range of source material matched the individual efforts, from solo piano to all the constituent parts of the big tutti sections. Pastorious sat beautifully with Mozart and there was no suggestion that the material was ever forced or uneven. A treat. Bravo.”

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