Seeber's Science column

Posted on 15th January 2018

Bedales Head of Sciences Emily Seeber has started a fortnightly Science column in leading education magazine and website TES. In her first article she discusses temperature, and what happens to the body as it gets colder.

She says: "At about 10°C, students start to struggle with their handwriting as their fingers become too numb to hold their pens properly. This is because the hypothalamus draws blood away from the extremities to keep core temperature up and protect vital organs. You’ll also struggle to write on the board. Time for a discussion task. As the temperature drops to about 5°C, everyone’s noses will start to run...."

Read the full article on the TES website here (subscription may be required).

Readers are invited to submit Science related education questions for Emily to respond to in her column to Jon Severs, TES:

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