Seeber's Science: Using paper and student work as fuel?!

Posted on 28th February 2018

In her latest Science column for the TES, Bedales Head of Sciences Emily Seeber thinks creatively about heating fuel.

As a back-up when the normal heating system fails, Emily considers her (hypothetical) options for heating her classroom as alternatives to lighting the usual Bunsen burners.

“Classrooms are full of fuels” she says. “The tables and chairs, the stacks of books. Some classrooms have extra fun things to burn: pianos in the music department, cupboards of poetry anthologies in English, and I don’t need to spell out the fun a pyromaniac could have in the art and design building. But paper is ubiquitous throughout the school. Even paper-free schools can’t seem to get away from it. So, how many pages of student work would a teacher need to burn to heat their classroom?

Emily calculates that 1750 Kj of energy is required to heat her classroom. Find out how much paper would supply that much heating….read the full article on the TES website (subscription may be required).

TES | Emily Seeber