Tomorrow’s World – educating the future workforce

Posted on 20th October 2017

How can educators best prepare their students for a world of work in which robots have taken over from humans, and for jobs that haven’t yet been invented? This is the question posed in an article in the Autumn/Winter 2017 issue of Absolutely Education, in which Keith Budge is quoted extensively.

Keith argues that whilst predicting the future is difficult, it is a safe bet that a capacity for independent creative thinking and problem solving, an enjoyment of working with others and understanding other cultures, and a relentless curiosity will have enduring currency. He explains that Bedales teaches students to think for themselves, and to develop their capacities to carry on learning through a broad and inspiring curriculum that includes maths, the sciences and optional coding but is also rich in the arts and humanities.

Keith says: “We construct a Bedales education on these foundations, which we see as a preparation for living rather than simply working. This may be the edge we humans will always have over machines – whatever the future may hold.”

View the article online here (p.76).

Keith Budge | Absolutely Education