Human Rights

Human Rights is a major strand that runs through the Bedales Global Awareness programme.

Students are introduced to the concept of Human Rights, the major international conventions, and case studies of rights denial and abuse throughout the world. They also learn about the organisations founded to fight for human rights, and how they can get involved.

The most popular example of this is Amnesty International, which meets every Monday early activity slot, from 5.15-6.15 in Room 115. We meet to discuss current issues in Human Rights, to organise awareness-raising and letter-writing campaigns, and to plan fundraising. 


Major goals for the Green team this term are:

As a school switching to a renewable energy such as Good Energy, a provider that sources only renewable energy from the UK. Another provider to look at which is focused upon providing sustainable and environmentally safe energy is 2OC

The second major goal is to develop a composting scheme in order to deal with our food waste in a reliable and efficient way, with the ultimate goal being to use compost to benefit the community as a whole and to reduce the environmental impact of this school.

The school had a composting site however it was cleared when the chicken pen area was developed for the new facilities site. As such a suitable location must be found and developed for composting.

Development & Volunteering

The new student fundraising and volunteering committee met for the first time in February 2015. With representatives from all Blocks, it will work closely with the staff Global Awareness committee. The aim is to bring student voice - and creativity - to the question: What should Bedales do? When and how should we respond to global humanitarian disasters? Which local organisations and causes should we support? How can we make sure we learn, and raise awareness, as well as bake (and eat) cake? Keep up to date with Bedales' work in the wider community here.

The Global Awareness team regularly work in partnership with: HomeStart ButserThe King's ArmsMencapMédecins Sans Frontières and more.

The Hunger Banquet

The annual 'Hunger Banquet' first took place in November 2015 and was organised by the Global Awareness Committee. The the idea of the fundraising event was to allocate tickets for either a large and delicious dinner or a bowl of rice 'according to luck' to reflect the fact that some of us are born into relative prosperity and others into poverty.