We encourage listening and then speaking with a French accent. We teach basic language, words, numbers, days of the week, etc. and through a variety of media we expect that by Year 3 the children have a wide range of vocabulary and a good recognition of French words.

We know that the children will be learning French for a number of years so in order for it to continue to be interesting we have devised a curriculum that changes every year.

Nursery and Reception learn through the traditional method of repetition, flashcards and numerous songs.

In Year 1 we base the learning around a series of books called „Petit Ange Parfait‟ about a little boy called Jules.

In Year 2 the children learn through a website called Languagenut, which explores vocabulary through games, stories and songs.

In Year 3 we read fairy-tales in French which are based on an animation but with the written word clearly shown. They are fun and allow the child to start reading and recognizing French words. We play various games linked to the story.

We believe this is a good an exciting grounding in French which the children can build on when they move on to Dunhurst.