Block 3s each have their Badley Tutor; they then progress into new combined Block 4/5 tutor groups. In the Sixth Form students have a new tutor. Our system depends on trust and good communication between tutor, student and parents. New tutors introduce themselves to parents during the first ten days of term and will keep in touch as necessary after that. Regular, informal contact between tutor and parent provides the most fruitful basis for supporting each student. Much of this contact is based around the regular assessments (reviews) which take place every five or six weeks and which are available online.

Openness and close collaboration are the guiding principles of all discussion with students. This applies to personal and pastoral matters – the development of the individual – and to discipline and academic progress. Students are involved in their half-termly academic review – this results in a clear understanding with them about their future work and how they will set about it. Our partnership principles (available online) are a clear statement of how we aim to help create the best foundation for successful education and for the healthy relationships that underpin our community. 

Some students need more encouragement than others to make the most of their time and to stay within the agreed rules of the community.  When a student makes a poor decision, we take time to discuss how that decision was reached, its adverse consequences and how such a route can be avoided in future.

We have a programme of academic enrichment operating across the curriculum which ensures our most able students are fully stretched. Activities include additional visits, talks and academic societies. For example, our History Society – the Green Ribbon Club – has attracted a constant stream of highly relevant and inspirational speakers.

Our English as an Additional Language and Learning Support departments ensure the specific individual needs of our students are met.