Sixth Form

What is Politics?  Politics involves studying the science of government and the practice of conducting political affairs.  Since political structures and processes have a profound effect on people’s lives, they are well worth studying. Who hasn’t been fascinated by Brexit and Trump in the past year ?

A level from September 2017: Politics has moved to terminal examination from September.

The course will cover The Government and Politics of the UK, The Government and Politics of The USA and Political ideas. With regard to the UK , we will study the Historical background to Parliament and then analyse the structure of Parliament, the role of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the whole issue of Devolution ( transferring power to Scotland for instance ). We also look at Politics in Practice ( why do people vote the way they do ? how fair is our electoral system ? referendums and pressure groups ). For America the course mirrors the UK Politics, looking at the system ( e.g. Powers of the President ) and politics in practice in the USA. The course finishes with the study of political ideas, Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism and a look at other ideologies, studying one from Feminism, Nationalism and Anarchism.

ASSESSMENT: From September 2017, the course is terminal so that students starting this September will not be examined until the summer of 2019. There is no Coursework and no Internal Assessment.

Politics A level fits particularly well with History but also subjects such as Economics and Psychology, Religious Education and Philosophy.  Students will be taken on a visit to The House of Commons and Lords as part of the course and they will of course be encouraged to take an interest in contemporary political debate/current affairs. A Politics student should enjoy argument. It would be surprising if they did not read a newspaper.

Examining Board: AQA

Head of Department: Jonathan Selby