Our ethos

IT lessons aim to equip all Dunhurstians with the skills, knowledge and responsibility to live and work in the digital age.  Pupils are encouraged to work independently and use a wide range of IT applications to enhance their learning in the fields of office-based skills, control technology and computer science. The curriculum aims not to isolate IT, but to explore its potential across the curriculum and beyond.

Our aim

  • To build IT skills needed for formal presentation (e.g. exams; day to day life, work)
  • To support independent learning with appropriate tools for research 
  • To develop problem-solving skills, transferrable to all subjects 
  • To allow freedom of thought 
  • To nurture the adults of tomorrow’s world


The curriculum at Dunhurst covers important internet safety through IT classroom activities and external speakers and is a subject returned to regularly throughout the child’s education. Pupils learn to manage their own network area, files and folders and act responsibly in using the school resources and network. They engage in a wide range of dynamic activities that promote excellence in word processing, desktop publishing and presentation skills that they will use across the curriculum. They learn to edit images, use spreadsheets and formulae, design web pages and process information in databases. They develop skills in computer aided design and other control technologies as well as an in-depth study of programming and computer science.

The curriculum is delivered by teachers who also teach other curriculum areas, in order to give a breadth to the subject and help to place it, for the child, in context. These teachers encourage the making of connections between curriculum areas in order to develop the learning within the child’s brain.  Pupils work independently and create a wide range of outcomes with the guidance of their teachers. Pupils’ work across the curriculum is enhanced by their IT confidence and skills at Dunhurst. There is opportunity for pupils to work at a more advanced level with challenge and advice from staff, as well as those pupils who need more help being guided and supported so that every child progresses.


Pupils often choose to make the most of the school’s IT resources in their free time and in activities. Pupil-led assemblies make the most of their video editing, PowerPoint and other presentational skills, whilst charity and school events are opportunities for pupils to diversify further, using their ICT skills in a whole range of ways.

Progression to Block 3 at Bedales

Dunhurst and Dunannie together form a strong and cohesive base for pupils to cover an extensive range of skills and knowledge in IT.  These skills are then firmly in place for the transition to Bedales where the manipulation of IT across subject areas is of fundamental importance to aid pupils with the move towards pubic exams in particular.