We have close links with both Bedales Prep, Dunhurst (ages 8-13) and Bedales Senior (13-18). Our children share facilities such as the superb indoor heated swimming pool, sports hall and pitches, the outstanding music facilities and the Olivier Theatre.

Dunannie is far more than just good facilities in a delightful setting. The whole environment is focussed on achieving the best for your child’s educational and emotional needs.

Our teachers are inspiring, innovative and totally committed to supporting the children’s emotional and academic development. Teachers are attracted here by both our educational philosophy and our outstanding reputation. With an excellent staff-to-pupil ratio, our pupils are given the capacity to learn, and also to grow as individuals, to express themselves, to explore, to search and to discover.

Parents play a critical part in educating their children, and we therefore welcome opportunities for parents to get involved and stay informed (see our ‘Principles of Partnership’). There are formal structures such as the Friends of Dunannie Committee and regular parents’ meetings. More informally, we are always happy to talk with you and work with you to create the best possible learning opportunities for your children.

Principles of Partnership