The children start to develop a knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past through a variety of approaches, with an emphasis on investigation, research and enquiry.

History is often closely linked to class projects and is brought to life for the children through regular visits to local sites of historic interest, drama, the use of historic artefacts and photographs as well as relevant internet material, television programmes and stories. Trips may include visits to ‘Milestones’ in Basingstoke where children become Victorians for the day or to Porchester Castle.   They may interview a visiting ‘knight’ or enjoy building a Viking longship as part of a visiting workshop.  Dunannie children might be found delving into a trunk of Victorian Seaside artefacts, experiencing the dramatic atmosphere aboard HMS Warrior or investigating the job of a wheelwright.  They have access to the large range of interesting historical buildings on the Bedales Estate as well as a wealth of knowledge and experiences that parents and grandparents share with the school, in addition to visiting ‘experts’.