Children are “active builders of knowledge, little scientists who construct their own theories of the world.”

Jean Piaget

This defines our approach to science teaching and learning at Dunannie.  Our science teaching nurtures children’s natural curiosity and creative thinking through their active participation, encouraging them to observe, investigate and evaluate their findings. This embodies the Bedalian tradition of learning through exploration and experience – head, hand and heart. We promote resilience and independence and aim for the children to develop a sense of responsibility and respect for living and non-living things.

We make the most of our outside environment, including the orchard, pond areas and extensive estate, and the children work with our Outdoor Work teacher. We have links with Bedales and benefit from the expertise of their teaching and resources, for example the children visit the Chemistry laboratory and participate in experiments led by Bedalian students, and the Physics department help with rocket demonstrations. Visiting experts and visits also bring science to life in imaginative and exciting ways. 

While learning about Science, children collaborate with their peers and older students - watch a short film about Science at Bedales School.