Dunannie offers a variety of school clubs for children; these include African drumming, art, ballet, pottery, Chinese, sewing, judo, gymnastics, tennis, tap-dancing and football. Clubs take place either during the school day or afterwards between 3.30 and 4.30pm. Children are encouraged to develop a rich visual language and appreciation through drawing, painting, model-making and woodwork. Their work is highly valued and imaginatively displayed around the school.

We aim to give children the best possible start in their Physical Education by providing opportunities to participate in a wide variety of activities. Children from Nursery to Year 3 enjoy Sports lessons each week run by specialised teachers. Activities include gymnastics, netball, football, hockey, kwik-cricket, rounders, tennis, badminton and pop lacrosse. Facilities on the Bedales estate enable the children to also enjoy swimming, outdoor adventures, fitness and health related activities and athletics. Extra-curricular Sports clubs offer children in Years 2 and 3 the chance to broaden their experience in a range of physical activities run by specialised coaches. For example, children can follow the British Amateur Gymnastics Association and the British Judo Association award schemes. Children also compete in friendly sporting festivals and matches against other schools.

Music is the heartbeat of Dunannie and children are involved in the making of music as composers, performers and listeners. With access to Dunhurst’s excellent music school resources and staff, we encourage children to take individual lessons with our skilled visiting teachers. In drama and dance, children are encouraged to express themselves through creative dance, mime and acting. Visits and workshops from outside experts and specialists in creative arts are organised regularly throughout the term.

In our wonderful outdoor classroom, known as the ‘potting shed’, children learn from a specialist outdoor teacher with timetabled opportunities to explore the Bedales estate. Children enjoy activities across the curriculum, including, minibeast hunting, observation of the seasons, lifecycles of plants, trees and animals, and using natural spaces and objects for drawing and writing. Dunannie children are enthusiastic gardeners and plant, grow and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse and garden. They have also created a wonderful Willow Garden.

Information for parents
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