Pupils are placed in small groups with a tutor who looks after their pastoral and academic needs. The strong pastoral support system, including weekly 1:1 tutorials, helps pupils to become independent in managing their work and to feel supported and part of the Bedales community through all their commitments to the academic and extra-curricular life of the school.

All pupils have Green periods when they can complete independent study or prep in the library, or pursue other activities. The number of Green periods increases as they progress through the school and take greater responsibility for themselves, learning skills such as time management in preparation for Bedales.

Pupils have a voice in the running of the school. The School Council comprises representatives from all age groups; the agenda is pupil driven and major issues are taken forward to a staff meeting. Older children serve on a number of committees, chaired by staff, so that they can take responsibility for areas of their school life. Every pupil is expected to contribute to the Community Service programme, where they give time to help others both within and beyond the school.

Pupils are involved in shaping innovations in teaching and learning and their learning experiences, an approach that is core to the Bedales aim to develop independent thinkers with enquiring minds. Our Block 1 and 2 learning detectives and pupil academic forums encourage pupils to reflect on their learning and to provide useful ideas to feed into the teaching and learning cycle.