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  1. To encourage pupils to develop drama skills
  2. To develop pupils' confidence and communication skills
  3. To develop pupils' self awareness and awareness of others
  4. To promote understanding of others
  5. To nurture a love of the performing arts


The syllabus is delivered primarily through the exploration of theatre games, improvisation, group collaboration, and scripted performances. In each term each class learns a variety of approaches to performance and acting, Drama is not dependent on an audience, although the pupils learn to critically appraise their own work, but it is a spontaneous creative enactment of fiction within a private sphere.

View a collaboration between Dunhurst and Bedales, showcasing dance drama and music. Based on a children’s book by Oliver Jeffers, the project was choreographed by Rosie Nash, with original music composed and directed by Ben Harlan: 


Dance is an integral part of performance at Dunhurst. Pupils have the chance to dance in all our productions, and they are able to participate in extracurricular dance projects and lessons in ballet, tap, jazz and modern. We also host workshops and day courses given by dance professionals. Dance is run by Rosie Nash.


Approximately half the pupils at Dunhurst sit exams for LAMDA. Any pupil who wishes to study for LAMDA exams is able to do so as there is no selection process, just the willingness to take part. Achievement in LAMDA is also seen in the progress made in pupil confidence and speaking and listening skills.

View the Dunhurst photo gallery where you will find albums of previous events and productions

Head of Department: Simon Kingsley-Pallant