A programme of community service runs for pupils in Blocks 1 and 2 (Years 7 and 8) on Wednesday afternoons. Pupils are expected to put something back into the community of the school or the wider community beyond.

Collaborations with local care organisations are developed in such a way as to create mutually beneficial partnerships. Pupils’ involvement is seen as part of their education in citizenship and personal and social development. Opportunities are offered for pupils to help both in and out of school.

Outside sites visited by pupils include Hollywater School and Steep Primary School. At Hollywater School, Dunhurst pupils help with arts and crafts, cooking sessions and play activities; at Steep School, Dunhurst pupils help with reading.

There are also Outdoor Work (ODW) gardening projects in the community. For those pupils who are heavily committed to sports matches on Wednesday afternoons there are opportunities for them take part in onsite service or ODW projects within the school at other times of the week, such as reading supervision in Dunannie and Dunhurst Groups’ classes.

All children are expected to contribute to Community Service in a given year.