We pay great attention to each individual’s needs and aspirations.

Our community is made up of individuals who work as a team precisely because their individuality is given room to develop both inside and outside the school.

Day and boarding pupils are integrated into a full and stimulating timetable. In fact, many day pupils take advantage of the opportunity to flexi-board.

The school day starts at 8.25am with Tutor Time, music ensembles or Assembly, followed by lessons from 8.50am. Groups’ lessons finish at 4pm with Activities following on until 5.30pm. Pupils in Blocks 1 and 2 finish lessons on weekdays at 5.30pm and they also attend school on Saturday mornings. The Blocks’ Activity programme runs after supper from 6–7pm.

Pupils are offered a balanced and varied diet which includes hot and cold meals, an extensive salad bar and a vegetarian choice. Pupils have enjoyed croissants and poulet rôti on French Day; and miso soup followed by chicken teriyaki and bean curd stir-fry during a Japanese themed evening. Individual dietary needs can be fully catered for.

Below is the outline timetable of pupils in Years 4-6 (Dunhurst Groups 1 - 3)

8.50-9.25am Period 1
9.25–10.00am Period 2
10.05-10.40am Period 3
10.40-11.00am BREAK
11.05-11.40am Period 4
11.45am-12.20pm Period 5
12.20-12.45pm Period 6
12.45-1.30pm LUNCH
1.35-2.05pm Groups Lesson
2.10-2.45pm Period 7
2.50-3.25pm Period 8
3.25-4.00pm Period 9
4.00 -4.25pm BREAK / HOME
4.30-5.30pm Activity
5.30-6.00pm SUPPER

Blocks' pupils continue their study with periods 10 and 11 once the younger children have left, with voluntary activities taking place after supper.

Saturday school starts at 8.55am and finishes at 1pm.