Stoner Cricket Club was founded in 1934 by J G Atkinson, H E W Bennett and O J Fox with the aim of providing cricket at the end of the summer term for pupils, staff and friends of Bedales School.

Stoner Week takes place annually and involves playing both local club sides and national travelling sides, on the scenic Memorial Cricket Pitch. After a pre-season match against the school's 1st XI on Parents' Day, Stoner Week runs from Monday to Friday on the first week of the school holidays.

Matches typically commence at 2pm - this is to give the players time to work and/or travel before the afternoon of cricket commences. Match tea is provided (for a match fee) and the regular format is limited overs or timed cricket. The day normally winds up at approximately 7.30pm, with players retiring to The Harrow Inn to recount the day's events.

A memorable match is the Wednesday fixture against local club side Steep. This is played every year for the 'Rollo Wicksteed' trophy and is usually hotly contested.

Accommodation wise, non-local players stay with friends/family, at B&Bs, or arrange with Bedales to camp on the grounds. Some players play one or two games and some stay for the whole week - particularly if the sun is shining, it is rather pleasant. The wonderful club BBQ takes place on Thursday night in the marquee, followed by a warming bonfire. This is always a highlight and a nice way to nearly finish off the week. For those keen on club arrangements, the AGM is held on the Friday morning in the pavilion - all welcome.

New players are very welcome. If you would like to join the team, please contact Paul Bradley.

Stoner Week Fixtures 2019

All games start at 2pm on the Memorial Pitch with match tea between innings in the Marquee.

The review of each day will be held at The Harrow Inn.

Date Opposition Time Result

Monday 8 July

Barnes CC 2.00pm  

Tuesday 9 July

Llamas CC



Wednesday 10 July

Steep CC* 2.00pm  

Thursday 11 July

XL CC 2.00pm  
Friday 12 July Ropley CC** 2.00pm  

* Followed by Annual Club Dinner in the Marquee
** AGM in the Marquee from 12pm, match starts at 2pm