Day-to-Day Life at Bedales

Behaviour around school

An addendum to the Student Behaviour Policy has been published on the school website. Please take a moment to read this.

A simple way to understand how the school will run from the beginning of term is to think of a Bedales school day as if we were a Day School. Students will arrive at school from their homes (either from Boarding houses or parental homes) and go about their day. At certain times during the day, students can return ‘home’ (ie. Boarding or Day House), but students should only return to their own ‘home’.

Houses - Boarding

Boarding houses will be split. Steephurst and Boys’ Flat will be in two halves, with Block 3 and 6.1 together on one side and Block 4 and 5 on the other, with separate entrances and sign in areas. Mixed age dorms are currently suspended, and students from different year groups are not permitted in the same dorm. Even within these splits, students should still practise social distancing where possible. 6.2 will be split between the boys’ floor and girls’ floor. 6.2 Day House students will be temporarily housed in the Mixed Kitchen on the ground floor. Boarders will not be allowed in the Day House, so will not have access to lockers and should keep all their belongings on flat. Houseparents will provide clear instructions when students arrive.

Houses - Day House

The Day House will also be split, with Block 3 in the DCR and Block 4 and 5 in the Goldie, with their respective lockers also in these locations. Block 4 and 5 Day students should not be in the DCR and must use alternative toilets in the school. Block 5 Day students will also be allowed to use the ‘Quiet Room’ as a place to spread out. Houseparents will provide clear instructions when students arrive.

For the most part, Day students will be treated the same as Boarding students. They will be expected to follow the same guidelines around school, access the same lessons and activities. However, they will not be allowed on the Boarding houses and, likewise, boarders will not be allowed in the Day House. We respectfully ask that Day Students leave the school site by 7pm each day (i.e. they should leave after supper). If a Day student needs to stay on site after this time for a particular activity, they must ask permission from their Houseparent.

International Student Concerns

If new arrangements or global travel restrictions cause problems for international students, please let us know as soon as possible. Where necessary, we will be able to look after international students at school during Long Leave weekends.


Students have shown optimism and resilience in their approach to the impressive array of co-curricular activities that took place throughout lockdown and that positive spirit of achievement will continue as students return for the new school year.

We will be delivering the full programme of Dance, Drama, Duke of Edinburgh, Music and Sport, with visiting coaches and tutors being part of this full set up. We need to be mindful in following the guidance from the respective bodies who govern these areas. The delivery of each will be different, and students will have to listen closely to the instructions and changes for each activity.

Counselling Services

Our counselling service will be available with the same timings, but with a revised format. Face-face sessions will not be available. The format will be either ‘walk and talk’ outdoors or online from adjoining rooms in the counselling suite. If any student would like to see the counsellor, they should not hesitate to speak to their houseparent or they may contact Katy Wilson directly.


Students should have a bag at school to carry their belongings for the day. Boarders will not have lockers in the Day House to use and should pack their bag for the day’s lessons. It is important that students do not leave belongings around the site and do not rely on items being shared (eg. sports kit, pens, calculators, textbooks, etc.).


Taking advice from the various institutions we belong to, including the Independent Theatre Council, we will be continuing to deliver an events’ programme of Dance, Drama, Talks and Music. There will be opportunities for both online and live engagement and detailed risk assessments will be undertaken ahead of each performance.

Jaw and Head's Assemblies

Assemblies will be broadcast on Microsoft Teams but watched within smaller groups. Jaw will take place on a Monday between 6pm and 6.30pm and students will watch the assembly in their house pods. The Head’s Assembly will take place on Tuesday morning and students will watch this with their tutors in tutor time.


Students will have access to the library but we need to be mindful of the building’s Grade 1 listed, heritage status. This means that the rigorous disinfecting regime possible elsewhere is not possible in the library. Books cannot be disinfected either, so need to be treated differently from other surfaces. As a result, students will be required to wear masks and gloves in the library. Gloves will be provided on entry.

Face masks

These should be worn by everyone in the community when they are inside and moving between spaces in the school. Once students reach their destination (e.g. a classroom, Boarding house, activity, dining hall, etc.) masks can be removed. A minimum of three, washable, fabric masks should be brought to school and they should be named. These must be single person use only and kept in separate washable/wipe clean bags. Students will be instructed on how to safely remove and wash their masks. Disposable masks are not an acceptable option as these can be discarded carelessly and add to contamination risk.

Mealtimes and snacks

Students will use the dining hall by year group, with allocated times spread across the lunch and ‘Badley Time’ window and Day students will eat on separate tables to boarders. This way, students will remain in their pods. Lunch will be served as a series of sittings between 12.20pm and 1.55pm. Students will approach the servery separately and move through a one-way system to their tables. Tables will be marked separately for Boarding and Day students with access to separate water fountains. Students will need to be mindful of eating within their allocated time so the dining hall can be disinfected between servings.

Snacks will be available in different locations on campus, with staff directing year group pods to their snack areas.


Students in Block 3 should not have their phones during the school day. Boarders will leave them in their House, and Day students will leave them in their lockers. Block 4 and 5 students are permitted to have their phones, but they should not be seen during the school day. Please note the new triage system for the health centre, explained below, which will require students to call ahead (except for Block 3 students who can visit the health centre and wait to be seen).


Planned residential trips, either domestic or international, have been cancelled and we have suspended all trips until half term. This includes playing sports fixtures. We very much look forward to a graded return to this as soon as the traffic light system indicates this is possible.