The timetables, rooming, and scheduling of events could change and the daily morning tutor class teacher time will be the opportunity for the children to check and be reminded of any changes and to ensure that the children have everything they need ready for class each day. At Dunannie, little will change but there will be a greater emphasis on being outdoors in their classes to enjoy the 120 acre estate. Dunhurst will continue with studies and, as the curriculum leans to outside opportunities, this will continue.

Learning spaces

There will be changes to the ways we use the library, classrooms, laboratories, studios, workshops and performance spaces that will take into account the ways they are used by different groups. In general, we are working to minimise the amount of movement between lessons and to ensure that our children can enjoy as typical as possible learning experience. This will involve temporary changes to classes, rooms whilst we are at ‘Amber’ (see reference to the traffic light system detailed above) but will ensure that practical experiments, performances and creative work, physical activity and exercise, and collaborative or group work is facilitated from the start of term. All learning spaces will be accessed by external doors and getting from A to B for children may take a little longer than normal; this will be taken into account by the staff team who will be on hand to guide and support.

Assessments, Reporting and Parents’ Evenings

Initially, Parents’ Welcomes and Evenings will be planned with Teams. Ongoing assessments will continue at both schools as normal. We will ensure this is done subtly and takes into account the lead-up to returning to school.

Distance Learning

Though we are hoping to run a school term on-site and in person, the school and children are now far better equipped to deal with the prospect of remote learning should another
lockdown occur, or in the event that a pod of pupils needs to isolate. In this instance we would use a similar model to the Summer term 2020; children will be taught live and online using Microsoft Teams. We will not be issuing an alternative timetable in this instance, children will follow their ‘normal’ timetable as close as is possible. More information will follow on the subtle differences children will experience if this was to occur.

In the event that an individual pupil needs to isolate or is unable to come into school we would not be able to run remote learning and live teaching concurrently. Pupils at home will be supported through Teams with resources and access to teachers for help, but they will not be able to attend live lessons. We will continue to develop this through the early part of this term to make as much online support available as may be needed and keep you informed.

Learning Support

Consideration has been given as to the best setting for the teacher and the child. In particular, the size of room in order to maintain social distancing. Teachers may wear visors or face masks and may use plastic screens to ensure that both lesson lengths and social distancing guidelines are maintained.



The Government has advised that there can be no singing in groups of more than 15 children in one space at any time. As such, timetabled choir times will be spent in year group pods and the children will be using this time to do body percussion/sight reading/music appreciation activities. These will be fun and Mea and Ben and other staff are looking forward to keeping group music making alive and, literally, kicking! Smaller singing choirs will be formed from year group pods where possible.


These again will need to be conducted in Pods and there will be staffing to ensure group music-making on instruments will happen. We will continue with video performances as the ‘new normal’. Good hand hygiene and wiping touch points controls the risk for shared instruments, i.e. school drums or ukuleles.

Curriculum Music Lessons

These will be held in rooms of an appropriate size to maintain social distancing of two metres. Peripatetic staff will be wearing visors and possibly face masks or use plastic screens. The direction of singing and playing wind and brass instruments will be something our staff will be aware of - singing and playing demonstrations will need to be directed away from the children. Children may also be asked to blow or sing away from their teacher. Our teachers will still be able to teach effectively and, of course, ensure that the lessons will be fun and creative!

Music practice - MRS

Children will be allocated a pod-specific room which will be wiped down after use. Doors will be kept open where possible. Help will be given by our MRS supervisor and two metre social distancing will be maintained.

Visiting Music Teachers (VMTs)

VMTs will be required to:

  • Wear a visor
  • Use a face mask where possible
  • Use a screen where appropriate
  • Direct any wind, brass or singing away from children
  • Maintain a two metre social distance
  • Spray and wipe down keyboards with disinfectant between pupils
  • Only use the room allocated to them