We are making changes to how we organise the schools. This is to enable the children to access the fantastic experience the school offers, whilst remaining safe.

Traffic Light System

We are adopting a traffic light system that reflects the relative level of risk we face across both Dunannie, Dunhurst and Bedales as a whole. We begin the term on amber; when the local, regional or national picture improves, we can change to green, and relax some of our protocols. In order to keep the school community safe, we may need to move to red and tighten current restrictions. We will continue to keep you informed throughout.

Enhanced cleaning

Our domestic team have a detailed cleaning and disinfecting plan for the whole site and all spaces are being deep cleaned before the children’s arrival.

Health precautions

All children will be given an age appropriate health and safety briefing during their first week in school to enforce key messages, such as good respiratory hygiene – “Catch it – Bin it – Kill it!” – handwashing routines for a minimum of 20 seconds and regular use of our hand sanitising stations. They will be continually guided and supported by all staff in both schools.

Campus Policy

Due to the age of their students and to reduce school exposure to the virus, the Senior School will begin the year as a closed campus. As such, once on site, boarding students will initially stay on the campus. Student travel and visitor access will be severely restricted until at least the first Long Leave, Thursday 24 September. After this time, the school will assess of the situation and that of our surrounding region and re-examine the Travel and Visitor Policy as necessary.

At Dunannie and Dunhurst, due to the age of the children, we have a degree of flexibility and indeed children will be able to come and go as both boarders and day pupils.

For boarders this will be kept under review. They will operate in their normal wings, but with both Boys’ and Girls’ Wings forming one household.

Parents are not permitted to leave their cars at drop off and pick-up. If a parent requires a meeting on site at any time, a prior arrangement must be made. This must be recorded in the Office through Juliet at Dunhurst and Rachel at Dunannie. This is so we can keep track of who has been in the school. A reminder fact sheet will also need to be sent from Juliet or Rachel to parents prior to the meeting so you, as parents, understand protocols that must be followed when on site at school, e.g. hand sanitising and face masks where social distancing of more than two metres is not possible.

Weekends and Long Leave

Due to the age of the pupils at the Senior School the first two weekends of term will be closed, so boarders will remain at school. At Dunhurst, boarders do not have to stay in, but if they wish to there will be provision of activities and events during this time.