At Dunannie we value the individual and aim to unlock and develop each child's potential. Most children have their needs met through our curriculum. However, there are some children who may find some difficulty in specific areas of learning, such as reading and spelling. All children are carefully monitored by their class teacher who will identify a child having difficulties.

Parents may also have some anxieties. Parents' views are always welcome as this helps us form a complete picture of a child. We have an open door policy and we encourage parents to talk to staff at school. We like to help children as quickly as possible so that they do not lose their confidence or become demotivated.

Able and Talented

We respect and encourage divergent and creative thinking and endeavour to provide many challenging opportunities to enable all children to reach their full potential in a creative learning environment.

We recognise that some children may have exceptional talents in one area of the curriculum rather than an all-round ability. They may need special consideration to meet their requirements. We also recognise that in supporting the needs of able children, we may also raise achievement for all children in the school.