We encourage pupils by our knowledge and enthusiasm, and our belief that communicating in a foreign language should be accessible to everyone. Elements of culture from the French and Spanish speaking world are interwoven throughout the year, and we are focusing on a lexico-grammar approach.

Through a host of different methods a solid foundation is established, and from here pupils develop the confidence and the tools they need, giving them the freedom to be creative.

Group 1 (Year 4)

Introduction to grammatical concepts of masculine, feminine and plural of nouns and adjectives. Lots of games, interaction, and vocabulary.

Groups 2 and 3 (Years 5 and 6)

Learning to use verbs in different contexts. Role play, dialogues, investigations and communication.

Block 1 (Year 7)

Creativity combines with structural language learning, to give pupils a flying start to their Key Stage 3 French.

Block 2 (Year 8)

In collaboration with our Bedales colleagues, we have updated the Block 2 course to include more focus on grammar and translation.

In the absence of trips abroad, pupils will enjoy more cultural input during their Modern Foreign Language (MFL) lessons through our updated curriculum. Mandarin, Russian and German are available as activities or private lessons for all pupils in Groups and Blocks.

Head of Department

Liv Burnett-Armstrong, Head of Modern Foreign Languages