At Dunhurst we are committed to enabling every pupil to achieve their potential. 

Identification of those pupils who are Gifted and Talented involves quantitative and qualitative information through consultation with all staff and the wider community.  Dunhurst keeps a register of such pupils and monitors their progress through the school.  Provision is coordinated by Sue Williams in liaison with Heads of Department. The Gifted and Talented programme is aimed at promoting excellence across the curriculum and includes:

  • Stretch and challenge through differentiation in the classroom
  • Opportunities to develop specific skills or talents
  • A concern for the whole child – social and intellectual

There are many opportunities for Gifted and Talented pupils, including:

Thinking skills

Book Club for more able pupils
Visiting authors

MA Primary Maths Challenge
Four Nations Maths Challenge
World Class Arena Maths Test

Long term project-based preps

Peace One Day
Philosophical Debates

French conversation in ‘Goûter Français’  

Weekly music ensembles considering the genre and stylistic features of music as well as high calibre performance.

Artistic and Creative:
Open Studio – an opportunity for pupils to bring in their own work and receive individual tutorials and feedback.
Artists in Residence – A chance to work closely with an artist and experience artistic integrity as well as learning to use new materials and create artwork for the school environment.

IAPS Hockey tournaments
Master classes by visiting athletes eg. Olympic Hockey Player, Alex Danson.
Visits to Chichester University Sports Department
Links with local clubs