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Millions of children in the UK are living on the brink of poverty, but if a child is talented and hardworking, absolutely nothing should stop them from reaching their full potential.

An inability to pay for an education that will allow a child to flourish and become the best possible version of themselves should not be a barrier.

The John Badley Foundation is ambitious and far reaching. We aim to offer fully funded places for children whose family circumstances mean that attending Bedales and Bedales Prep, Dunhurst would otherwise be impossible.

Help us to change lives and give more children the chance to reach their full potential by joining the 1893 Club.

I would like to say that Bedales was definitely instrumental in putting the ‘yes’ inside me. Being in a solid community of people, staff and students, who encouraged me to do what I love doing erased much of the self-doubt within me. Finding my path on my terms has been so important to me since leaving and something Bedales helped instil in me, for which I am grateful.

Joining the 1893 Club

All members commit to donate a regular gift of £18.93 – to commemorate Bedales’ founding year, 1893 – every month, quarter or year.

When the time comes to offer a full bursary place, Bedales will cover half the cost – therefore, every £1 you donate to the John Badley Foundation will be doubled.

It’s easy to set up a regular gift to the John Badley Foundation, either directly through online banking or by completing our Standing Order Form.

Benefits for 1893 Club members

Everyone who joins the 1893 Club will be invited to special events and given a special pin badge, which will qualify you for a free drink at the Bedales Rock Show and other school events.

You will be invited to an annual ‘thank you’ drinks reception – a relaxed gathering of people from across the Bedalian community who have shown their support – as well as other events throughout the year.

Contact us

To find out more about the 1893 Club, contact Tanya Darlow, Head of Development (01730 711662,