The generosity of Old Bedalians, former teachers and parents has made the school a wonderful place. Many gifts have come in the form of legacies, which have allowed us to build new facilities, improve existing ones and fund bursaries for students whose family circumstances would have otherwise put a Bedales education beyond their reach. It is important to remember that the whole school is itself a remarkable gift – a legacy from John Badley and his sisters who invested a high proportion of their family wealth in the estate that now make up Bedales, Dunhurst and Dunannie.

But it is of course an inspired legacy of a different kind that Badley gave to us all – a vision for a school which had the courage to stand out against prevailing educational dogmas and which puts such precious, humanising qualities as tolerance, individuality and concern for the community at the centre of that vision. Today we aim to have a similar courage to live by those ideals, pursuing innovations in teaching and learning and staying true to Badley’s ideal of educating the whole person in ‘head, hand and heart’.

We hope that you will be inspired to help us by leaving a gift in your Will. Thank you.

For more information about how to leave a legacy to Bedales, please download our legacy form. Or, if you'd prefer to know more detail about leaving a legacy, please email Those who leave a bequest to Bedales will be invited to join the John Haden Badley Society, whose members meet annually for lunch.