Teacher of French, Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst & Bedales Pre-prep, Dunannie

BA, Open University

What makes a good teacher at Dunhurst?

Someone who has a good sense of humour. Someone who can change their plans at the last minute, due to an exciting “all school event”!  Someone who is creative and spontaneous; someone who knows that all children are good at something; someone who can adapt their lessons to suit different personalities; someone who listens to the children’s ideas (they usually have the best ones!) and someone who likes to be surrounded by excited, enthusiastic children!  

What are you trying to encourage and instil in your pupils?

A love of languages and an understanding of how much fun it is to be able to communicate in another language. I am trying to instil a confidence to dare to speak to a foreign person and not to be scared of making mistakes. I am encouraging the children to love the different sounds of a different language and try to mimic the sound as perfectly as possible.

Apart from your teaching role, what else do you get involved with at the school?

I love being involved in the school productions. It is fantastic to see how the children work together in a short amount of time and how we all work together to produce “epic” musical, artistic and dramatic entertainment.

In your opinion, what makes Dunhurst special?

Everything about Dunhurst is special! It is happy, friendly, creative, inspiring and productive without being stressful! My favourite saying that I have written in huge letters in my classroom, I think sums up the Dunhurst spirit; “Il n’y a pas de problèmes, Il n’y a que des solutions”. There are no problems, there are only solutions. It brings out the best in everyone that is part of the school and lets you believe that “tout est possible”! My own daughters have thrived in their time at Dunhurst.

What is your best memory of Dunhurst?

My best memory is camps week. We take Block 2 to Normandie for a week and one of the days is walking across “Le Baie Du Mont St Michel” with about 70, 14 year olds! We go with a guide and try out the quick sand!

Who or what inspires you?

Children! They always have the best ideas!

Tell us something that nobody knows about you?

I once gave a step class in French on the highest pass in Europe for a charity event in August. It started to snow!