Kevin Boniface
Kevin Boniface
Teacher of PE and Head of Hockey, Bedales

BA (Hons), Winchester

What were you doing previously?

I was a Sales Account manager and one afternoon I decided that really wasn't what I wanted for my career, so I investigated the path to become a PE teacher. My first step into this was to apply for a position as a hockey coach at Bedales and after only a short while of doing this it really re-affirmed that I wanted to go into PE teaching full time and to cut a long story short I was very privileged to be offered a position at Bedales.

What attracted you to Bedales? 

The atmosphere around the school and the interaction between staff and students is fantastic. It makes it a very enjoyable place to come to work each day. The other attraction is the huge potential there is to develop sport here, the facilities are fantastic and everything is in place to really create a strong sporting pedigree at the school and I very much hope to be a part of that.

Who or what inspires you? 

Any sportsman/woman who has excelled in their sport. The dedication and ambition it takes to become an elite athlete is absolutely phenomenal but the people who really stand out are the ones who revolutionise their sport and bring something new and exciting. People like Muhammed Ali, Pele, Shane Warne and more recently Usain Bolt.

Tell us something not a lot of people know about you.

At secondary school I competed at national competitions in gymnastics!