Deputy Head, Staff and Co-curricular

MA Edinburgh, MA Kings, PGCE London, NPQSL Cambridge

What makes a good teacher at Bedales?

A good teacher is passionate and knowledgeable about their subject and brings others with them. It also follows that a good teacher continues to learn.

What are you trying to encourage and instil in the students?

A love of learning and respect for other people. Life is difficult, success is hard to come by, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process.

What events and activities do you get involved with in the life of the school?

I oversee the co-curricular side of Bedales, so as you can imagine there is a huge variety in my working life. I have always enjoyed sport, so that’s an area I will be contributing more to.

In your opinion, what makes Bedales special?

I think Bedales values people as individuals. Many institutions will claim that title, but Bedales delivers it because the student voice is respected and it has a progressive culture.

What is your best memory of Bedales?

Working with young people is always a pleasure, but I did especially enjoy the recent staff v 6.2 hockey match, despite losing. There is also a wonderful sense of staff camaraderie, so I have great memories from various staff social events.

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by enthusiastic and passionate people. Their positive energy gives you that boost to keep going and find new challenges.

Tell us something not a lot of people know about you.

I spent part of my gap year working on a Kibbutz in the Golan Heights, Israel, just on the border with Syria.