Su Robinson
Su Robinson
Head of Blocks (Years 7 & 8) and Maths teacher

BA Open University, PGCE Manchester Metropolitan

What attracted you to Bedales?

The opportunity to use more creativity and imagination in my teaching and to really share the learning experience with the children that I teach and enjoy the journey.

What were you doing previously?

I was Maths Manager and class teacher in an inner city school in Portsmouth. 

Who/what inspires you? 

My family – they are a source of constant joy.
The sea – I have the utmost respect for its beauty and power.
Anyone who is prepared to challenge themselves to overcome personal barriers or help others.

Tell us something not a lot of people know about you.

I helped to deliver my ex neighbour’s baby – which was one of the most amazing (and, quite unexpected) experiences of my life! I didn’t have time to even think about it – one minute I was asked for help, fifteen later I was holding a new born baby in my arms and handing him to his new Mummy!