Old Bedalian 2003

After leaving Bedales, I went to Manchester University to study BA Economics. I graduated in 2007 and returned to Spain to join the family business in lead sheet manufacturing. The company recycles lead to be used for X-ray radiation protection, sound proofing and in roofing (lead flashings). My main role is sourcing the raw material and the sale of the finish product to international customers in the UK and Holland. I also manages a beef farm of 120 cows located in a beautiful area 100km north of Barcelona. My aim is to turn it into an organic farm and to make the area environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

I still regard my Bedales years as my best academic years. My only two regrets are, not going to Bedales earlier (I joined in 6.1) and not using its facilities, teachers, opportunities to the fullest potential. I think Bedales changed me as a person and I have been using things I learnt at Bedales ever since I left. It helped me during my studies in Manchester and it is helping with my current jobs. I'm happy with my lifestyle although I do miss living in England and all my Bedales and university friends.

I'm also very much involved in the restoration and development of an old Catalan "masia" dating back to 1234.