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Parent Access


Parents and prospective parents can update their child’s contact details and consents, as well as viewing timetables, reviews and reports remotely. Students can view their exam information remotely including results of public examinations. End of term letters and minutes of the Bedales Parents' Association meetings are also available in the 'Pupil Documents and Reports' section. For parent access to SchoolBase click here.

If you need any assistance with accessing this area please contact Wendy Hudson (Bedales) on (01730) 711570; Yvonne Fletcher (Dunhurst) on (01730) 711759; Tracey Harris (Dunannie) (01730) 711684


Parental access to Firefly enables you to see the more detailed internal calendar (the ‘Orange Sheet’), as well as the most recent reviews / reports, Prep tasks and other useful information. More features will be rolled out over the course of the next two years providing you with secure access to subject and pastoral support materials. 

For Bedales parent access to Firefly, click here.
For Dunhurst parent access to Firefly, click here.

Guidance & Log-in Instructions

Please note that this service is only available through a web browser rather than the smart phone app.

Individual student specific information can be found by clicking on their face / name on the left-hand side of the webpage.


In addition to the externally available calendar from the main school website, a more detailed internal calendar, ‘the Orange Sheet’ is on the front page of Firefly. This is updated each weekend for the following week and contains details of lunchtime talks, assembly, bounds and train times.

Parent Directory

A PDF of the current Parent Directory (with permission for circulation) is available. This is a ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ rather than a social network, so it is not possible to contact other parents or staff through Firefly directly.

Prep & Academic Work

The portal is set-up so that you can see the Prep tasks set for students. This will show the title / subject / task but any specific attached files such as worksheets or internal Firefly pages connected to the tasks won't be visible. This is akin to the old-style ‘Homework Diary’.

Please be aware that marks and feedback are not routinely given back to students via Firefly –this is because research shows that formative assessment and active engagement with feedback is more successful than grades, percentages or numbers. Why not ask your child to show you their work and talk through the task and feedback? Knowing what has been set could provide a useful prompt!

Reports & Reviews

You can also find students' most recent review / reports in PDF format.


Please note, that the timetable on a students' profile page does not show all peripatetic lessons, Learning Support sessions or 'exceptions'. The SchoolBase Online timetable will show the full details.

Personal Blogs

If your child uses the ‘Personal Blog’ feature, you will also be able to see their posts. Please note that subject specific blogs or portfolios, or activity-based blogs are not available to parents. 


To login you will need to go to 

This will then take you to a screen: 'Logging in for the first time?' with 'Activate your account' in green. Click on this.

Your account will then be activated and authenticated by your email address as held on SchoolBase. You will need to set a new password - the confirmation email may land in your 'junk' box, please be sure to check there. 

Remote Staff Access

Staff at Bedales, Dunhurst and Dunannie schools are enabled for remote (off-campus) access to email via the school network, using password protected access. To access your work files remotely click here

Bedales Senior School access to Firefly
Bedales Mimecast Portal
Bedales Support Mimecast Portal
Dunhurst access to Firefly
Dunhurst Mimecast Portal
Dunannie Mimecast Portal
Media Server

Remote Student Access

Students at Bedales and Dunhurst schools are enabled for remote access to email using password protected access. To access your work files remotely click here

For Bedales Senior School access to Firefly, click here.
For Dunhurst access to Firefly, click here
Students can access SchoolBase here.