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Parental Access

Parents can view remotely their child's timetable and reports using secure and individual access, while students can view their exam information remotely including results of public examinations. End of term letters and minutes of the Bedales Parents' Association meetings are also available in the 'Pupil Documents and Reports' section. Login details.

If you need any assistance with accessing this area please contact Wendy Hudson (Bedales) on (01730) 711570; Yvonne Fletcher (Dunhurst) on (01730) 711744; Tracey Harris (Dunannie) (01730) 711684

Remote Staff Access

Staff at Bedales, Dunhurst and Dunannie schools are enabled for remote (off-campus) access to email via the school network, using password protected access. To access your work files remotely click here. To access Firefly click here. Schoolbase online is available here.

Remote Student Access

Students at Bedales and Dunhurst schools are enabled for remote access to email using password protected access. To access your work files remotely click here. To access Firefly click here. Students can access Schoolbase here.

Old Bedalians and members of the Bedales Association can find news of events and other OB information on the Alumni page of the website.