The John Badley Foundation offers financial support through bursaries, giving more young people a chance to benefit from the transformational opportunity a Bedales education can provide.

View a short film by Old Bedalian, Roly Botha on how the John Badley Foundation made a difference to him:

Bedales has long sought a diverse student population in order to provide a well-rounded educational environment for all, and to better prepare students for life beyond the Bedales community.

The school allocates just under 5% of fee income every year to help fund bursaries. This allocation of funds, which is not far short of £1million per annum, supports students by awarding up to 75% of the annual fees. But the school wants to do more to broaden access, increase diversity and offer full financial support, the John Badley Foundation has been established as a separate charity to provide 100% funded bursary places and help fulfil the school’s ambitions.

The John Badley Foundation awards 100% bursaries, covering the cost of all the school fees. In addition, extras like school trips that are important to further students’ studies are also funded.

The John Badley Foundation seeks to support children who display the strength of character that Bedalians would admire and who show a willingness to make the most of the range of opportunities available at the school. Successful applicants will also need to display an existing talent or clear potential in at least one of the following areas: academic, music, drama, dance, art, design or sport. 

I so wish everyone had the chance to experience the kind of education and nourishment-for-life that Bedales provides. Seeing three children go through Bedales, I have witnessed how they are given the soil - the encouragement and support - to find who they are, their individual bent and way of being in the world. And how in turn, this has led to a quiet inner confidence which flows out in all they are and do

Bedales parent

Students receiving bursary support are given additional pastoral support from experienced tutors and the school works very closely with their families.

The impact of supporting a child to come to Bedales can be far reaching. Family members and young people in their home community often aspire to follow in their footsteps. All students at Bedales will experience local, national and international awareness projects which builds on their inspiration and determination to make a real difference in the world.

The John Badley Foundation works with partner charitable organisations such as The Springboard Bursary Foundation and Buttle UK, to provide boarding places for vulnerable children. Some families face serious issues, where parents or carers are struggling to cope and which mean that the child is at risk of going into care.

Donors supporting the John Badley Foundation are not introduced directly to those benefitting from their financial assistance. This is to protect students from feeling undue pressure. An annual anonymised update on all of the students’ progress is provided, however, for regular supporters of the Foundation.

Whilst confidentiality is paramount, children may choose to tell their friends they receive bursary support. They may also choose to play down how difficult their home life is, but whatever they say, current students play an integral part in making all newcomers welcome and settle into the Bedalian way of life.

View more information on the application process for John Badley Foundation bursaries.

How you can help

Match Funding for the John Badley Foundation

When the time comes to fund the full school fees for a bursary recipient, Bedales School will cover 50% of the costs. Therefore, every £1 donated or raised for the John Badley Foundation will be doubled.

Regular Giving

In order to offer a bursary place, the school must have the confidence that it will be able to fund that child’s entire time at the school, whether they start in the Prep School Dunhurst or in sixth form. Therefore, regular donations play a critical role in helping the John Badley Foundation to forward plan.

Why not represent the year in which Bedales was founded - 1893, by setting up a direct debit for a monthly donation of £18.93? Download a donation form here .

Please contact Veryan Vere Hodge (01730 711697) if you would like to discuss regular giving.



Shop online with nearly 3,000 retailers through to receive cash rewards that you can turn into donations for the John Badley Foundation. You can also donate simply and quickly via the BT MyDonate button above.

Fundraising Events

If you would like to organise your own fundraising event for the John Badley Foundation, perhaps a sponsored challenge, or help at a school event, please contact Veryan Vere Hodge (01730 711697)

Gifts from Overseas

Bedales is registered with the Charities Aid Foundation American Donor Fund. This provides a tax effective solution for US donors. Please contact Veryan Vere Hodge (01730 711697) to discuss giving through this fund, or from any country overseas.

Leaving a Legacy

After you have taken care of loved ones, you may wish to consider leaving a gift to the John Badley Foundation in your Will. As a charitable legacy, it will be deducted from your estate before the amount of inheritance tax is calculated.

An estate can pay Inheritance Tax at a reduced rate of 36% on some assets (instead of 40%) if 10% or more of the ‘net value’ of an estate is left to charity. For more information visit

All those who choose to advise Bedales of their intentions to include the school in their Will, are invited to join a society which meets annually. Please contact Veryan Vere Hodge (01730 711697) or Philip Parsons, Alumni Officer if you would like to find out more about leaving a legacy to Bedales.

Major Donations

If you are able to consider giving at a level that will fund half the cost of a Bedales education for one student for one year - the school pledges to fund the other half.

For example, (the following figures are subject to change. Please consult your personal financial advisor):

A gift of £13,476 plus £3,369 which the school can claim in Gift Aid (if the relevant declaration is signed), makes a total of £16,845. The school will match fund this amount, doubling it to £33,690. This would fund an entire year of a Bedales education for one student.

If the donor is in the 40% tax bracket, they can claim relief of £3,369, making the actual cost to them after their annual tax return of £10,107. For those in the 45% tax bracket, relief can be claimed on £4,211, reducing the actual cost to £9,264.

Please contact Veryan Vere Hodge (01730 711697) if you would like to discuss giving at this level for a one, five or seven year commitment.

Permanent Endowment

Those who choose to leave a legacy to the John Badley Foundation - or indeed give a major contribution in their lifetime - may specify that this is put into the charity’s permanent endowment fund. This has been established in the hope that one day the fund will grow to the size where it can generate substantial interest and provide sustainable bursary funding for many future generations.

The John Badley Foundation is the working title for:
Bedales School Development Trust
Registered Charity Number 1138332
In addition to offering financial support through bursaries, the John Badley Foundation exists to support capital improvements on the Bedales estate, student enrichment projects and the sustained work of the Bedales community in helping good causes. Donors are encouraged to specify which area they would like their contribution to benefit from.