As children progress to Key Stage 2 at Bedales Pre-prep, learning continues to be developed through first-hand experience, and, wherever possible, enhanced by visits to places of interest, workshops and visitors to school.

Always encouraging the children to question the world around them, we engage them in practical science, design and technology, and use projects to deliver a cross-curricular approach to a wide, enriched curriculum.

Books are a cornerstone of our approach. At the heart of the school is an impressive library to stimulate a love of reading. We believe in the importance of learning other languages and all children are taught French.

We value educational visits very highly, recognising that they provide a unique opportunity to enhance the curriculum and support class based work. They provide first-hand experience and opportunities that cannot be provided on site and extend children's knowledge and understanding. 

As well as educational visits off-site, there are regular walks in the school grounds. Children use this experience to gain first-hand knowledge of the passing of the seasons, e.g. autumn leaves, spring buds, flowers, and also to appreciate the local animal wildlife. Outdoor activities are also extremely beneficial for physical development and wellbeing.

Throughout each term we welcome teachers from Bedales Senior School to explore subjects such as Physics, Maths, Philosophy, Religious Education, Economics ad Politics. Children have found themselves launching rockets and studying astronomy. Visitors from other industries and professions also visit the school to support the children's learning experience.