We want children to take delight in exploring the new and unknown. Children are most receptive to learn when they are happy. Our curriculum is designed to be engaging so that information is received with excitement and curiosity.

By the time they move on to prep school, the aim is for children to be fluent readers, spontaneous and literate writers, sound mathematicians and able to apply rigorous creative imaginations to any practical and theoretical challenges.

We have created a structured yet flexible curriculum for all year groups - including the Nursery - that reflects the school's aims and ethos, and we give equal value to intellectual, creative, emotional social and physical development. Children are encouraged to enquire and we encourage critical thinking from an early age.

Pupils develop their literacy and numeracy skills highly successfully alongside their understanding of other subjects in a cross-curricular and project-based approach

ISI Report 2022

The performing and creative arts are important at Bedales Pre-prep – notably music, drama and dance, and art and design. We have access to specialist teachers as well as Bedales Prep’s excellent music school resources. We encourage children to take individual music lessons. Students benefit from being part of the Bedales family: there are close links with the Prep and Senior schools, academically and in areas such as sport. The Whole School shares facilities, such as the swimming pool, sports fields and Olivier Theatre.

We encourage our children to have a curiosity about life and help them to develop enquiring minds through a broad, creative and language-rich curriculum which generates purposeful discussion, interest, application, enjoyment and high achievement. A cross-curricular approach which emphasises first hand, practical experiences; educational trips and visiting speakers provide the opportunity for young children to build the language and communication skills that they will need throughout life.

Bedales Pre-prep pupils have an excellent attitude to learning. They have a strong work ethic and approach tasks with enthusiastic interest

ISI Report 2022

We believe that to learn the lesson, you should live it. Where possible, school trips are frequent as we want to inspire the children to learn through first-hand experiences. Just as discovering something exciting in a pond may produce a future scientist, grating soap in a Victorian kitchen may spark a love of history.

Our primary aim is to develop inquisitive thinkers with a love of learning who cherish independent thought.

Parents play a critical part in educating their children, and we therefore welcome opportunities for parents to get involved and stay informed. There are formal structures such as the Friends of Bedales Pre-prep Committee and regular parents’ meetings. More informally, we are always happy to talk with you and work with you to create the best possible learning opportunities for your children.