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Working with some talented designers, our own students, and some ethically sound organisations, we have produced a stylish and fitting range of Bedales items which we hope you will like.

The Buildings of Bedales and the Work of Ernest Gimson

Bedales Memorial Library

Alastair Langlands (staff, 1973-2001) is producing an illustrated book of the buildings of Bedales. He will explore the influence of the arts and crafts architect and furniture designer Ernest Gimson on the essence and character of Bedales.

Alastair says: “Whatever great house a school may inhabit, it cannot possess a work of significant architecture more remarkable, more inviting and more securely enclosing than Gimson’s contribution to our school. And it is a library. What more could students ask from their educational enterprise than that? This book will not be a textbook but an attempt to persuade the reader to revere with affection the Memorial Library and its architect.”

More information on ordering and price will be published shortly. Proceeds will go to the John Badley Foundation.   

Emma Bridgewater Pottery

Half-pint mugs £25

8.5 inch plate £20

Bedales Wooden Jigsaws

Two designs featuring Wentworth's unique 'whimsie' pieces.

Memorial Library interior / Memorial Library exterior, £30 each

Bedales Puzzles

Bedales Tea Towel 

Designed by Old Bedalian Matthew Rice.


Bedales tea towel

Bedales Postcards

Pack of 8 for £5

Postcode 2
Postcode 1
Postcode 3
Postcode 4
Postcode 5
Postcode 6
Postcode 7
Postcode 8

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To place an order please email or call 01730 711695. Wherever possible, please collect pottery direct from Bedales Main Reception.

All proceeds from shop sales go to the John Badley Foundation. Thank you for your support.