Bedales Products

Working with some talented designers, our own students, and some ethically sound organisations, we have produced a stylish and fitting range of Bedales items which we hope you will like.

Emma Bridgewater Pottery

Specially designed by Old Bedalian Matthew Rice.

Bedales Plates Mugs

Half-pint mugs £25

Work of Each for Weal of All / Duck Egg Blue (SOLD OUT) / Yellow Green

8.5 inch plate £20

Work of Each for Weal of All (SOLD OUT) / Duck Egg Blue / Yellow Green / Stormy Blue (limited stock)

Bedales Wooden Jigsaws

Two designs featuring Wentworth's unique 'whimsie' pieces.

Bedales Puzzles

£30 each

Memorial Library interior / Memorial Library exterior

Bedales Tea Towel 

Bedales tea towel

Designed by Old Bedalian Matthew Rice.


Bedales Postcards

Pack of 8 for £5

Postcode 2
Postcode 1
Postcode 3
Postcode 4
Postcode 5
Postcode 6
Postcode 7
Postcode 8

To place an order please email or call 01730 711695. Pottery will need to be collected from Bedales.