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To sign up to receive the monthly eBulletin, update personal information we hold, provide news of OB events or interesting updates, get in contact with fellow OBs or have any other queries answered, please contact Leana Seriau at

Old Bedalian Monthly eBulletin

I’m incredibly grateful to have been at a school that espoused liberal values, that tolerated and encouraged mavericks and that has so informed everything that I’ve gone on to do with my life.
Matthew Batstone, OB

A roughly monthly electronic newsletter, the OB Bulletin, is sent out by email to keep Old Bedalians up to date with OB news and events. To sign up, please contact Leana Seriau ( Recent OB eBulletins can be viewed here.

Bedales on social media 

From time to time, some OB events and news will appear on Facebook. Please ‘like’ the Bedales School Facebook page. There is a LinkedIn group for Old Bedalians to keep in contact with each other, particularly for careers related purposes. Bedales is also active on Twitter and Instagram. Visit Bedales Vimeo channel to view the latest films from the three schools.

The Bedales Association and Old Bedalian Newsletter

A yearly printed newsletter, The Bedales Association and Old Bedalian Newsletter, is mailed out to all OBs in February each year. If your address details have changed please email Leana Seriau ( An online version of the newsletter can be viewed here.

Bedales Archive

Bedales is keen to expand the Archive holdings, and to make historical materials available to researchers. If you would like to donate documents or artefacts, or are researching a subject where we might be able to help, please contact Jane Kirby, Archivist, via

Visit the Bedales Schools Digital Archives where you can view digitized copies of the complete run of The Record from 1894 to 1935, and early editions of The Chronicle which was first published in 1907.

Useful Links

Read the career profiles of a selection of Old Bedalians.
To view details of memorial trees planted at Bedales please click here.
Stoner Cricket Club was founded in 1934 to provide cricket at the end of each summer term for students, staff and friends of Bedales. For more information, please visit,
Enjoy a few yearbooks (with links to 1999, 1975, 1973, 1972 and 1967) and miscellaneous samples of Bedaliana. In addition there is now a yearbook for the Class of 1968.