Dance and Drama are vital subjects at Dunannie – it is a time for children to explore the magical world of theatre and dance.

Children are encouraged to express themselves through creative dance, mime and acting. This gives the pupils the opportunity to develop both physical and creative skills. The children are involved in planning, performing and evaluation dance and drama work. Pupils often work together in dance to a piece of their own choreographed work. This encourages team work, though the sharing of ideas and creative thinking.

Dance and Drama skills are demonstrated in class assemblies and school productions. Teachers work very closely with the Music department for these special events. Drama is used to enhance other areas of the curriculum at Dunannie, for example, children can use role-play to explore and develop key questions, issues and events. The medium of dance and drama is integral to all three schools as an expressive art form and the hope is that pupils develop a lifelong love of theatre and dance.

We like to welcome dance and theatre companies to Dunannie whenever possible for workshops and performances, so the children can see at first hand the skill and talent of professional performers and learn what it is like to be in an audience.