Boarding is the heart of Bedales: it is based on the principles of sharing, responsibility for self and others, and community living.

Our boarding houses

Bedales is organised into three boarding houses:

  • Steephurst, for girls in Blocks 3 to 6.1 (Years 9-12)
  • Boys’ Flat, for boys in Blocks 3 to 6.1 (Years 9-12)
  • 6.2 Flat, a co-educational house for pupils in 6.2 (Year 13), with separate sleeping areas and bathrooms

The structure of boarding at Bedales means that there are no competing houses, and students are encouraged instead to think of themselves as members of the whole Bedales community.

Virtually all dormitories are shared. In Steephurst and Boys’ Flat, mixed-age dorms ensure supportive friendships across all year groups, an opportunity for older students to take responsibility, and avoids isolation of individuals.

In 6.2 (Year 13), students move to a co-educational boarding house, which has shared study bedrooms. Greater freedoms here carry considerable responsibility and greater domestic involvement, to prepare students for life after Bedales.

Watch a video tour of Boys' Flat created by Old Bedalian Jake Morris below:

Mixed-age dorms and Dorm Mentors

One of the unique aspects of boarding at Bedales is our mixed-age dorms, which not only give new boarders a range of buddies for support, but also ensures the school is genuinely integrated with friendships across year groups.

A key part of this is 6.1 (Year 12) students taking on the role of Dorm Mentor, acting as a role model for younger students.

Dorm Mentors lead by example, and show respect for the school and their boarding house, as well as a willingness to participate in school life. They work with houseparents to monitor the general welfare of boarders in their dorms and are a supportive friend to the younger students in their care.

Weekends at Bedales

All boarders at Bedales Senior are full boarders, although they may go home on Saturday night if free from school commitments.

Activities are provided for boarders at the weekend, both at school and off-site. The gym, swimming pool and sports hall are open for boarders at specific times, while in the evenings there are often combined events across the houses, and activities in the afternoons.

Students are able to go into Petersfield on Saturday afternoon or during the day on Sunday. They are also welcome to simply enjoy some downtime and recharge as they would do at home.

Boarding staff

The boarding houses are staffed by residential houseparents, residential/non-residential tutors and matrons, and visiting duty staff.

Every student is assigned a designated houseparent, who monitors their overall welfare and wellbeing, and is in regular liaison with the student’s tutor and parents. Students are also welcome to turn to any other member of the boarding staff.

The boarding house teams are: 

  • Steephurst – Michelle Gillmore (Senior Houseparent) and Houseparents Hannah Dennis and Mariela Walton
  • Boys’ FlatHenry Stoot (Head of Boarding & Compliance), Mungo Winkley (Senior Houseparent), Chris Bott (Houseparent) and Nick Gregory (Deputy)
  • 6.2 Flat – Gordon Dale (Senior Houseparent), Julia Bevan (Houseparent) and Kate Thorne (Deputy)