The Sixth Form at Bedales offers an unusually broad and stimulating environment in which to spend the final years at school and to prepare for life beyond. Serious academic responsibility and opportunities for leadership combine to create a challenging and rewarding experience.

As a school that enjoys being at the more independent end of the independent sector, review and renewal is very much in our veins. We will use this opportunity to strengthen further the breadth of the Sixth Form offering, and also ensure we maximise the opportunities for students to progress to their chosen higher education institutions or other preferred paths with three good A Levels.

Bedales Sixth Form students

In particular, inspired by the success of our BAC courses, we have developed an additional strand of the curriculum to stand as an alternative to a fourth A Level. The Bedales Enrichment Programme consists of a series of courses chosen from a broad range of choices developed by enthusiastic staff and shaped by student requests. Our courses are grouped under the Bedalian banner of 'head, hand and heart', and we expect those who choose this option to pursue at least one course in each area.

Each student’s programme will also include a combination of academic study, sport, outdoor work, cultural and current affairs, service to the community and global awareness. We also expect our Sixth Form students to take on positions of responsibility in the school, such as contributing to one of the many student committees or acting as role model and mentor to our younger students as a subject 'Don'.

The subjects available in the Bedales Sixth Form are arranged in groups, which are drawn up to allow a high degree of flexibility in providing for the needs of individual students. They also take into account the requirements of universities and colleges, and offer qualifications which will enable students to access a wide range of higher education courses in the UK and overseas.

The subjects available in the Sixth Form are:

Entry requirements (for 2023 entry onwards)

Although precise programmes of study vary, it is expected that a student would take three A Level subjects, entry being conditional on a student achieving an average of Grade 6 across their GCSEs, including Grade 6 or above in Maths or English Language (or equivalent).

Some students may wish to consider taking an additional fourth subject and in such cases, suitability should be discussed with the Deputy Head (Academic), Bertie Cairns.

It is important to stress that, at Bedales, when selecting students for Sixth Form we are looking for enthusiastic learners with the desire to participate in co-curricular activities and the broader communitarian life of the school.  

 The table below provides a subject guide to Sixth Form study based on GCSE grades:    

SubjectMinimumAdvisoryIf the student has not studied the subject before
Art67Substantial portfolio of work
Biology7 in Dual Award7 in Triple Science Biology and Chemistry 
Business Studies 6 in Maths and English6 in Maths

7 in Dual Award

7 in Maths

7 in Triple Science Chemistry 
Classical Civilisation66 in English6 in English
Computer Science6 in Maths6 in Digital Game Design 
Dance6 6 in Drama; equivalent proficiency in Dance
Design (Product)66 in MathsSubstantial portfolio of work
Design (Fashion)6 6 in Art or substantial portfolio
Drama66 in English6 in English
Economics 7 in Maths6 in Maths
English Literature6 in English Language6 in English Literature 
Geography6 6 in English and Maths
Government & Politics6 in History or Geography 6 in English
History6 in History and English 6 in English
Languages67Equivalent proficiency / international qualifications
Maths7Further Maths GCSE 
Further MathsFurther Maths GCSE 
Music67At least Grade 5 on an instrument and some theory knowledge (Grade 5 Theory advisable)
Music Technology  An enthusiasm for, and experience of, making music
Philosophy & Ethics66 in Maths6 in English and Maths
Photography6 in Art Substantial portfolio of work

7 in Dual Award

7 in Maths

7 in Triple Science Physics 
Psychology Triple Science6 in English, Maths and Dual Award Science