The Early Years curriculum at Bedales Pre-prep is designed to nurture these instincts in children, offering stimulating environments and opportunities for children to gain, practice and extend new knowledge and skills.

Children at Bedales Pre-prep pointing at piglets

Relationships and wellbeing are at the very heart of the curriculum; we value emotional attunement as highly as academic attainment. Small class sizes allow us to get to know children and their families quickly and form positive relationships, ensuring every child is supported and has a nurturing team to guide and inspire them.  

We deliver our curriculum through an inquiry-based approach, allowing children to have agency over what they learn and how. Highly qualified and experienced teachers weave knowledge and skills into play, learning provocations and teacher-facilitated sessions, led by the children’s curiosity, interests and needs. 

We make full use of the Bedales estate to enrich children's learning experiences. Examples include observing the trees in our orchards and woodlands to learn about seasonal change; visiting piglets, lambs and chicks on the school farm to deepen understanding of lifecycles; and practising road safety when crossing the various roads and tracks around the estate. There are learning opportunities everywhere and we embrace them, while developing children’s understanding of how they learn.