We firmly believe that young people should be encouraged to aim as high as they can whilst also enjoying their childhood, and benefitting from as many opportunities and experiences as possible.

Outdoor Work pupils at Bedales Prep, Dunhurst

It’s very nurturing, a real community...they treat the children with real respect, not as adults, but as equal human beings

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We endeavour to make sport a positive and enjoyable experience for every pupil, offering top quality coaching, a broad range of sports, outstanding facilities and opportunities for gifted sports players to develop their elite skills. The main sports for girls are hockey, netball, and tennis, and for boys are football, hockey, cricket, and tennis. Fixtures take place on Wednesday afternoons.

Music, for performers and listeners alike, is central to daily life in at Dunhurst. We aim to create an environment in which children enthuse as much over the Sibelius Symphony as they do when listening to Jazz or Florence and The Machine. Pupils soon discover that the more they practise, the more enjoyable and fulfilling are the ensemble opportunities that become readily available to them. Orchestras, choirs, rock bands and chamber ensembles perform regularly in concerts and theatre productions.

Throughout the year there are plays for different year groups to take part in – with opportunities both on and off stage. All Groups (Years 4-6) pupils are encouraged to take part in the Groups’ play and there are two Blocks (Years 7-8) productions, traditionally performed in the Bedales Olivier Theatre and in summer in a marquee. All the hard work put in by the staff and students, including the costumes, leads to the brilliantly creative plays that Dunhurst is well known for.

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