Learning at Bedales Prep is a rich tapestry of opportunity and extends far beyond the classroom. We pride ourselves on a genuinely creative learning and teaching environment.

We also maintain as much freedom as practically possible from the pressures of testing, exam results and Common Entrance preparation, whilst underpinning our curriculum with rigour and quality.

Standardised tests, and the school’s own assessment processes show that pupils in Bedales Prep make excellent progress, many working at levels above normal expectations for their age

ISI Report 2022

We teach by creating curiosity and setting challenges. Confidence grows as the pupils grow, and with it their desire to question and discuss. Our distinctive approach to learning helps pupils excel academically.

We follow Bedales founder John Badley’s vision of focusing on all aspects of a pupil’s life – ‘head, hand and heart’ – and we believe that education should empower children through opportunity and experience.

The curriculum is broad as well as deep. Unlike many prep schools, we are not bound by the Common Entrance syllabus, and though we are guided by the National Curriculum we are not locked into it. If teachers want to pursue a topic in depth, they can.

Much learning takes place through doing and making, especially through our extra-curricular activities programme. Trips, visits, workshops and speakers are important stimuli and are encouraged. Off-timetable days and special focus days are an important part of school life too, with curriculum areas coming together to work towards a single goal.