We aim to give children the best possible start in sport by providing opportunities to participate in an exciting variety of activities. We aim to enthuse, to build confidence and to inspire.

The children acquire a wide range of fundamental skills across the sports curriculum. These skills are the essential building blocks upon which sporting and leisure activities are developed. The children are encouraged to challenge themselves, to believe that they can reach their goals and to be proud of all their achievements. They learn the importance of fair play, cooperation, understanding and following rules.

Competition is a natural ingredient in sport. Whether children are competing against themselves or one another, we provide an environment in which this healthy stimulus to development can flourish. Children develop movement skills which can be used creatively in subjects such as dance and gymnastics. We aim to achieve a balance between aesthetic, competitive, practical, individual, partner and team work.

At Dunannie we have a hard court area, a wonderful orchard which lends itself to activities such as orienteering, a Dunannie/Dunhurst gymnasium, and netball and tennis courts. The children also share the extensive Bedales facilities which include an astro pitch, 17 acres of playing fields, a sports hall and a superb indoor swimming pool.

All PE lessons are taught by specialist teachers. Nursery children have up to two lessons a week and experience a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Children from Reception through to Year 3 have 3 lessons a week, increasing from 1.5 - 2.5 hours a week. Year 3 have opportunities for more challenges and often join together with Dunhurst students in lessons, matches and games.

Children take part in a wide range of activities throughout the year:

  • Gymnastics
  • Games - netball, basketball, football, hockey, kwik-cricket, rounders, tennis skills
  • Swimming
  • Outdoor activities - orienteering and team building
  • Fitness and health related activities
  • Athletics

Extra-curricular activities

The extra-curricular sports clubs offered at Dunannie allow children in Years 2 and Year 3 to participate in a range of physical activities and widen their experience. Specialist coaches provide a high quality of teaching. These may include:

  • Netball and basketball
  • Football, tennis and cricket
  • Gymnastics (children follow the BAGA awards system)
  • Summer athletics/games
  • Judo (children follow the BJA award scheme)

Children in Year 2 and 3 have the opportunity to compete in sporting festivals, galas and matches against other local schools.