Listed below are some of our policies.

Additional policies are available from the school, including:

  • Able, Gifted & Talented and Scholarship Policy 
  • Adults Staying in Accommodation Linked to Boarding Houses Policy
  • ​Alcohol and Tobacco Policy
  • Attendance, Student Supervision and Missing Child Policy
  • Catering and Food Hygiene Policy
  • Child-on-Child Sexual Behaviour Policy
  • Code of Professional Conduct for Staff
  • Display Screen Equipment Policy
  • Dunannie Assessment Policy
  • Dunannie Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Dunannie Parent Handbook
  • Record and Retention Policy
  • Risk Assessment Policy
  • Security, Access Control and Workplace Safety Policy
  • Swimming Pool Policy
  • Safer Recruitment Policy

For information on these or for further information on the above, please call 01730 300400 or email